Work on the WORM FARM

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New Carlisle Library Community Garden Project

On Thursday, March 12th, at 6:30 we are starting up another worm farm for the Library Garden!  We  need families willing to participate in setting up and feeding the worms until we get them outside.  That is our second venture into what we started last year!

The following Thursday, March 19th, we need families to come help us plant seeds.  We need kids with at least one parent, grandparent, or guardian to help choose the seeds they want, plant them, and then share with others the responsibility of watering the plants until they can be planted outside.
This endeavor is to teach kids and adults how to garden.  It will include planting, harvesting, preparing, and preserving vegetables.  It is a commitment to work all summer to make sure the garden is a success.  It is a COMMUNITY project so all will be working on all the garden...not just their plot.  At the end all will reap the rewards of having free vegetables.  
ALL is free.  The seeds come free from OSU.  The classes including the 8 week nutrition classes, the gardening classes, the canning classes, and the entrepreneurial classes to help families who would like to start their own businesses from the things they have grown ARE FREE!


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