Copying, Printing, Faxing

Copying, Printing & Faxing 

Patrons may receive the following services free of charge each day: 

  • Print up to 25 sheets of black and white printouts (one- or two-sided)
  • Print up to 10 sheets of color printouts (one- or two-sided)
  • Fax up to 25 sheets of paper (one- or two- sided, excluding cover page)

Patrons printing tax forms (excluding booklets) or students or parents printing materials for school or educational programs are not subject to these limits and those items will always be free of charge.

After those limits, the following costs apply:



Black & white computer printouts

$0.10 per page

Color computer printouts

$0.25 per page


$0.25 per page, cover page is free


$0.15 per page **

** Copy machines are not owned by the Library, and the Library does not set these prices